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David Strausser is highly specialized in helping business grow with the promise of technology. With an extremely diverse background, David has helped many companies around the globe break new ground and drive business growth.

International Cultures & Experiences:

Spanish - Fluent; Reading, Writing & Speaking

Mexico - Permanent Resident; Legally able to work; Registered as a business with a Tax ID (RFC)

Peru - Legally Immigrated

Speaking events:

08/31/2017: Final speaker at the Digital Marketing segment of the City Club Los Angeles' Tech Conference
I did a 20 minute speech at a seminar focusing in on sales and digital marketing. This was building off of previous presentations of how sales reps can turn their down time towards making themselves brand experts. Social Selling was the key topic and how to achieve it. Title of the speech was: "Get Sales Marketing".

09/15/2017: Moderator & Organizer for an Executive Luncheon: Grow Your Business in Los Angeles
This event was a panel discussion in which I organized and moderated the event. To create an interesting event, I was able to gather local subject matter experts in technology (Mike White), marketing (James Hsieh), financial (Danny Li), and legal (Elizabeth Yang) on to a panel to discuss challenges that many small businesses are facing on their path of growth. I also was able to secure celebrity and viral sensation William Hung of American Idol fame to join our panel to discuss adversity. Lastly, I secured various sponsorships for the event from Vision33CYBERTEGICYang Law Offices, and SAP graciously sponsored the door prizes and Happy Hour, where William Hung performed his infamous hit, "She Bangs".

City Club 2018 Business Tech Conference Flyer
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05/16/2018: Keynote Speaker at UCLA 
I was the keynote speaker for a course at UCLA entitled Leadership Communication Strategies class at UCLA. I was on campus to speak specifically about my whole life and how I got to where I am at. I spoke specifically targeting young entrepreneurs about leadership and effective communication as they join the business world.

05/18/2018: Moderator & Organizer for an Executive Luncheon: Focus on Distribution in Los Angeles
As a follow up for the initial event that I did the previous September, I set up an event that focused on growing companies that move products. This event matured since the original event, having learned from experience, and was a very similar format but also had some new twists. The subject matter experts assembled for this panel were amazing. In addition to myself, I had Mike White covering technology, James Hsieh for marketing, Shiny Burcu Unsal discussing business strategy, and Humberto Linares for Logistics. In addition to this, I also added some more formal speaking spots and had the Shadow CEO, Tiffany Largie, and SAP's Laura Honeycutt speak. The keynote speaker for this event was once again William Hung. This event outperformed the first event in both terms of attendance and with sponsors. The event is not a permanent fixture and will be put on 2 to 4 times a year.

May 18, 2018 Executive Luncheon: Focus on Distribution Flyer
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07/16/2018: Speaker & Organizer for the 2nd Annual City Club Los Angeles Tech Conference
I worked with James Hsieh of Cybertegic to grow last year's successful event. We ended up breaking the event into 3 separate tracks. We had the main show with the keynotes speaking at the beginning of the events and then split into 3 separate tracks. The tracks were Digital Marketing, Business Automation, and Cyber Security. I secured the sponsorship from SAP as well as had Laura Honeycutt from SAP as one of the main keynote speakers. I was also in charge of the "second track" being the "Business Automation" track. I had Mike White of Vision33, Inc. give a demo of how businesses can automate their processes with ease using SAP Business One. I also invited our friends at Batchmaster to demonstrate how their automation software works in conjunction with SAP Business One.

City Club 2018 Business Tech Conference Flyer
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City Club 2018 Tech Conference Keynote Speakers List
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08/23/2018: UCLA Business Leadership Panel
I was presented with the opportunity to join a panel of successful business people from various background to join a discussion on business. There were questions we all got to answer individually and there were questions that we answered collaboratively. It was such a great experience, not just for me, but for the other panelist and the students as well.

11/01/2018: Cybertegic eBusiness Conference
This was a great event set up by James Hsieh, the CEO of Cybertegic. I was at this event as a subject matter expert in business and operational efficiency. I gave a very good speech using two case studies about how process automation can help keep a growing business from being victims of their own success.

Cybertegic eBusiness Conference Speakers Flyer
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02/07/2019: Host, Moderator, & Organizer for the Executive Luncheon: Increase Demand event
​After the major successes of the first two events I created, we were given the opportunity to bring back the Executive Luncheon series for its third chapter. This time I wanted to focus on increasing demand. I learned from the past two events and have created an amazing speaking line up that the crowd will fall in love with. The attendance for my "anti-luncheon" is 125 people full of executives and owners of small to medium sized businesses here in Los Angeles. We took this event a step up and contracted Brian Vander Ark, lead singer of the band "The Verve Pipe" as the keynote speaker and also to perform his hit single "The Freshmen" during the SAP sponsored Happy Hour.

Executive Luncheon: Increase Demand Flyer
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David Strusser with Sam the Cooking Guy doing press interviews with American & Mexican Media

Media Experience:

08/12/2013: Cámaras en la Garita de San Ysidro con (Cameras at the San Ysidro Port of Entry with via El Mexicano (Baja California, Mexico); Print - PDF

03/13/2014: Interview for product launch with Fox 5 San Diego; Video - Text Story

3/28/2014: Interview with Telemundo 33 about  (Interview done in Spanish)

3/30/2014: Interview for product launch with Frontera (Tijuana, Mexico Newspaper - Interview done in Spanish); Web Story - Print Story [PDF Download]

4/2/2014: Interview for product launch with Televisa (Tijuana Canal 12; Spanish)

4/29/2015: Interview for with Vida Latina San Diego (Interview done in Spanish); Web Story

1/26/2015: Interview for Baja California's Ministry of Tourism covering my work with the newly launched Outstanding Host and the first Ambassador, Sam the Cooking GuyWeb Story in English [Español]; Yahoo Español

2/3/2015: Live TV interview on San Diego 6's morning show done by anchor Marc Bailey. This was in regards to the Baja California Outstanding Host Program. Ran for approximately 3 minutes starting at 8:40 AM PST. [Photo on Set]

2/4/2015: Interview for Baja California Ministry of Tourism's Outstanding Host Program with the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper. [Web Story] [Printed 2/5/15]

2/6/2015: Interview for Baja California Ministry of Tourism's Outstanding Host Program with the Los Angeles Times. [Web Story] [Printed 2/6/15]


2/6/2015: Interview about Sam the Cooking Guy for Baja California Ministry of Tourism's Outstanding Host Program with South Florida SunSentinel. [Web Story]

2/7/2015: Interview with San Diego Morning News with LaDona Harvey and Ted Garcia on KOGO Radio for Baja California's Ministry of Tourism's Outstanding Host with Sam the Cooking Guy [Aired at 7:40 AM; Ran for 6 minutes]

2/19/2015: Articles in El Sol de Tijuana and El Mexicano for my work with the Outstanding Host Program and Sam the Cooking Guy. [Printed 02/19/2015].

4/17/2015: Quotation in San Diego Red as Special Liaison for the Ministry of Tourism in Baja California. [Web Story]

4/20/2015: Penn State University's iConnect Magazine in regards to my various projects post degree. [Web Story] [PDF]

7/15/2015: Interviewed with El Sol de Tijuana for my work with Sam "The Cooking Guy" and the Ministry of Tourism while filming his two episodes in Baja California [Web Story]

7/15/2015: Interviewed with San Diego Red for my work with Sam "The Cooking Guy" and the Ministry of Tourism while filming his two episodes in Baja California [Web Story]

10/4/2015: Sam "The Cooking Guy", TV Episode: "Dos Días en Baja: Part 1"; Location Manager; Credited; Aired 10/4/2015 [Video]

11/2/2015: Sam "The Cooking Guy", TV Episode: "Dos Días en Baja: Part 2"; Location Manager; Credited; Aired 11/2/2015 [Video]

6/20/2016: Interviewed with Penn State News about the San Diego Chapter of the Alumni Association [Web Story]


8/19/2019: ‘Breakthrough for Growth’ Un-Seminar Starts on September 10th. Press Release [Web Story]

Authored Articles:

01/2021 - Ongoing

Contributing Writer [via Forbes Business Development Council]

Contribute articles on business development and partake in "Forbes Expert Panels". [link to Executive Profile]

03/2019 - Ongoing

Contributing Writer [Paid]

Wrote stories and contributed articles for an established Android news website. [link to stories]

06/2017 - 12/2017
Contributing Writer [Paid]
Wrote stories and contributed articles for an established Android news website and their general tech website (Dgits). [link to stories]

01/2014 - 01/2016
Contributing Writer [Paid]
Wrote stories and conducted interviews featuring the Android operating system and technology in general for a top rated Android-based news site. [link to stories]

06/2014 - 08/2014
Guest Contributor [Paid]
Wrote stories based on technology, tech trends, and tech history. 
TechDissected [link to stories]

May 2017
Infinity Born (fiction; novel).
Author: Douglas E. Richards
Touch Point: New York Times best selling author, Douglas E. Richards, specializes in books based around fictional technology. Douglas E. Richards based a character in his book, Infinity Born, on me. The character is President David Strausser and can be found in Chapter 6 of this best selling book. 

Link to book on Amazon


July 6th, 2020 - Current

Shark Bite Biz Business Podcast

Host, Director, Producer, Writer

David hosts a podcast called Shark Bite Biz which features small businesses and subject matter experts on various topics discussing how they made pivots during the COVID-19 global pandemic. [link to YouTube Channel]

Shark Bite Biz Press:

08/26/2020: Press Release announcing the official launch of Shark Bite Biz.

[PDF] [Newswire] [Yahoo! News] [Cision PR Newswire] [WMFZ Allentown] [Digital Journal] [Associated Press / AP News] [Benzinga]

Forbes Business Develop Executive Council (joined 2020) Profile & Articles

Government Experience:

08/2014 - 01/2016
Special Liaison [Consejero Binacional] for the Ministry of Tourism for Baja California, Mexico
As a consultant for the Ministry of Tourism, I am in charge of special projects, usually having something to do in binational relations between the United States and Baja California, Mexico. One of my main tasks is assisting in developing the Outstanding Host Program and working with the American Ambassadors for the program.

03/2011 - 01/2016
On behalf of my clients, I have negotiated many government sponsorships, partnerships, and contracts in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Leader in Educating Women:

After living and/or working in Latin America over the past 15 years, I've noticed a huge gap in the education level of women in technology. In fact, even in the United States, in 2014 Google just admitted that less than 30% of its staff was women. In order to help fix the problem, I launched a Spanish language tech news/blog site dedicated to help educate Latinas and show them how much easier their lives will be by embracing technology. With a group of 25 women from 5 different countries the site launched on June 18, 2014.

On July 9th, 2014, I was awarded the status of a "Super Penn Stater" by The Pennsylvania State University for my work in educating women in technology with

October 2016, I sold a majority stake in TechChicas to Claudia Portillo, who is now the CEO. Under the new company, I still remain a Co-Founder as well as their Chief Technical Adviser but as a limited role. Claudia is a great person to carry my original mission and goals to the next level as Vision33 and SAP have consumed a majority of my time and I was not able to dedicate the time this special project needs. I congratulate Claudia and will be there to assist in carrying out the original mission of educating Latina's in tech.

03/2014 - 10/2016
Founder / President

10/2016 - 01/2018
Co-Founder/Chief Technical Adviser

Employment History:

12/2027 - Present

Vice President of Business Development

SEIDOR USA. [ERP sales of SAP Business One to small and medium businesses- SME/SMB]

12/2015 - 01/2022
SAP Business One Sales Engineer- Los Angeles (until 01/2019); General Manager of the Northeast (until 01/2022)
Vision33, Inc. [ERP sales of SAP Business One to small and medium businesses- SME/SMB]

12/2009 - 12/2016
Independent Consultant
Strausser Consulting Services [Focused on sales, marketing and business planning and development]

Major Previous Clients:
Special Liaison [Consejero Binacional de la Secretaría de Turismo]
Ministry of Tourism [Secretaría de Turismo] - Baja California, Mexico

Business Development Director [Director Comercial - based out of San Diego, CA]
Sierra San Pedro, Inc. [Tech Startup/Registration System/Government Contracts]
SQweb France [Tech Startup] [Tech Startup/Organic Shopping Service]
Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Services [Tourism/DOT COM]
Solutions XYZ, LLC [Specifically / Tech Startup Project - Tijuana, Mexico]
Kodenshi America, Inc. -[Semiconductors/Optoelectronics - North & South American Sales Engineer]

Other notable previous clients: Sonata Services MexicoCross Border GroupSpanish55, Unlimited Marketing Solutions, Sprint [iMobile + MOBILEnow], PINT, Inc.
06/2007 - 12/2009
County Director (District Manager)
System Circulation Partners, Inc [Direct Sales & Marketing/Print Media]
04/2004 - 06/2007
Sales & Marketing Manager
Strausser Contracting [Residential/Business Construction]
02/2003 - 04/2004
Assistant Telemarketing Manager
Fanelli WindowPro's Inc [Residential Construction]

Professional Affiliations and Volunteer Work:

Penn State Blue & White Club - National; current member
Penn State Alumni Association – National (PSAA); current member
Penn State Alumni Association – San Diego Chapter (SDPSU); current member
Penn State World Campus Ambassador – Assisting new and prospective students transition to the University


07/09/2014: Super Penn Stater Award for educating Latina Women with TechChicas
11/15/2014: Outstanding Host Award; Presented by Baja California Ministry of Tourism in regards to my hard work and dedication to bettering Baja California for all
03/14/2016: Inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society
​12/31/2018: Top 50 #ERP Influencers by Washington Frank International [article]

Washington Frank Top 50 ERP Influencers 2017
David Straussr - Baja California, Mexio Award

Letters of Recommendation:

Letter of Recommendation - City of Tijuana Tourism Bureau, Baja California, Mexico [September 2013]
Download File

Letter of Recommendation - Ministry of Tourism of Baja California, Mexico; Director of Marketing [February 2014]
Download File

Letter of Recommendation - Ministry of Tourism of Baja California, Mexico; Office of Tourism Assitance [February 2015]
Download File

Letter of Recommendation - [Solutions XYZ, LLC] - Former Client [August 2014]
Download File

Letter of Recommendation - Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Services, Inc. - Former Client [May 2015]
Download File


B2 Level in Spanish Language Proficiency
Download File


Strausser, David - Business Development Resume
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