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What do people say about working with David Strausser?

Before we get into the more serious reviews, here is a humorous one for your enjoyment.

Now, that we got that out of the way, please view some more serious ones of people that have worked with David from different projects across his career:

sam the cooking guy.jpg
Sam Zien
Sam the Cooking Guy

"David first reached out to gauge my interest in joining a program involving the Baja Ministry of Tourism.  From that moment, he handled the significant amount of necessary red tape and truly brought the relationship to fruition. David Strausser is a facilitator in that he makes things happen.  And if he can navigate the often slow, and confusing layers of Mexican government for me, he can for anyone."

Tex Vertongen.jpg
Tex Vertongen
CFO, Firewire Surfboards

​"We were looking for an ERP system and David was representing SAP Business One. David did a great job of ensuring that our questions on how Business One would work for us were answered. I believe that he was working with us to ensure that we got the right solution, rather than trying to pressure us to ensure that he go the maximum amount of fees possible."

Chris Dailey.jpg
Chris Dailey
Implementation Engineer, Ematic

"I worked with David while exploring ERP options with Ematic. While working with him, David was knowledgeable, professional and easy to communicate with. Even after we decided not to pursue ERP through Vision33, David was able to help me avoid pitfalls with the system we chose."

ryan park.jpg
Ryan Park
Supply Chain & Operations Specialist, Whole Food Trading Co.

"My company started a SAP implementation project with Vision33 and David was a sales consultant at Vision33. David is detailed-oriented and enthusiastic. He knows his subject very well and responded very quickly to my questions."

margaret yova.jpg
Margaret Yova
Vice-President of Solutions XYZ, LLC.

"David is an exceptionally hard worker who did a fantastic job of growing our website business. Over the course of a year, he suggested, implemented, and supervised a variety of changes that led to expansion from 20,000 to 200,000 unique visitors per month. 

David has very good networking skills. He did a great job of seeking out and developing key relationships for our business with individuals as well as with companies and organizations – both government and private. In the face of unforeseen setbacks, he managed not only to persevere but to remain positive as well. 

David’s knowledge of technology is extensive and he uses that skill in a variety of ways to enhance his own productivity as well as to suggest and implement organizational improvements. He is experienced in managing sales teams and really enjoys doing so. 

David is full of new and creative business ideas and throws himself 110% into his work, often making personal sacrifices to do so. He is completely trustworthy - he handled large amounts of cash and was never short a penny. David is totally dependable - if he says he is going to do something, you can be sure that it will be done. 

David is also completely comfortable in Latino cultures and speaks Spanish fluently."

adriana eguia alaniz.jpg
Adriana Eguia Alaniz
Director of Endeavor Mexico in Baja California

"David ha lanzado una plataforma llamada Techchicas que tiene como objetivo el orientar y capacitar a la mujer pero en el sentido profesional. La plataforma es super amigable y David ha sido un apasionado del tema. Tiene toda la energía para empujar este proyecto al éxito! En hora buena!"

Carlos Chavez
Owner of Exact Electronics Mexico

"David is a great follow up person and very good to make negotiations, he is a great Salesman. Good luck !!"

Mark Nicholson.jpg
Mark Nicholson
Owner of Nicholson Video

"I've worked with David many times during early 2012 in order to help me find mobile solutions for my video company. From mobile internet to cell phones to even getting me a tablet, David worked hard to discover every one of my needs to match the correct product to fit those needs. David and his sales team at his store were great and very professional. His sales reps were smart, knew the competition, and treated every customer right. No matter how busy they were, David always made sure he had time to sit down and talk with me to make sure my company and I were fully covered."

rudy sano.jpg
Rudy Sano
Senior Consultant at Apex IT

"David is a very committed individual and shows leadership skills which in my experience during our team projects, have lead to positive results. He is a team player and doesn't shy away from taking on difficult tasks. He brings a calming confidence and positive outlook into the fray which enables and propels his team to excel. If you're looking for a results oriented type of employee or business partner, David unequivocally would be a great choice."

Susan Caccia.jpg
Susan Caccia
CEO at instaBELL

"Intelligent and hardworking."

Alvaro Sanchez.jpg
Alvaro Sanchez
Partner and Co-Founder, Spanish55

"David is a passionate and consummate -bilingual and bicultural- business development professional. He understands the most complex aspects of binational business. He is able to creatively present solutions in a simple, engaging manner. David is a statesman: a thorough professional, an excellent listener, and always seeking the common ground."

William Hung.jpg
William Hung
American Idol Alum

​"David puts together great events and delivers a first-class experience."

Bobby Liles.jpg
Bobby Liles
Dynamics AX ERP Executive, Microsoft

​"David is the definition of a "go getter." He has vast business knowledge for international business, technology and manufacturing. I would highly recommend David to be a leader on any sales team."

Raffi Aharonian
President & CEO, Cannon Sports, Inc.

"David is a very knowledgeable sales person, he made the difficult task of purchasing software very simple. He is very attentive and responded lighting quick to our questions! highly recommend David and Vision 33 for your software needs."

Frank Sorokach.jpg
Frank Sorokach
Agency Owner, FM Sorokach Agency / Penn State Business Professor

​"David is a standout professional who has a diversified background that spans several business disciplines. I have come to know David well over the past year and he is a very effective person who uses his diverse skills and persistent nature to get things done. David is detailed in every endeavor he pursues and is sure to cover all of the bases as he approaches a problem. He is a pleasure to work with, and David earns my highest recommendation because of his dependable nature."

Al Horne.jpg
Al Horne
Ph.D., Director, The APC Group 

"David Strausser is a innovative, dedicated sales professional with technical skills and business insight."

Abraham Arechiga.jpg
Abraham Arechiga
Partner and Co-Founder, Spanish55

"Modern day entrepreneur. Please allow me to introduce a guy who loves stepping out of his comfort zone. David Strausser knows how to build and maintain relationships; a sociable guy who always brings value to the table. His experience in multi-cultural environments allow him to adapt to change with ease. A family guy with admirable work ethic. You don't find people like David very often so be sure to connect."

robert yourell.jpg
Robert Yourell
Psychotherapist and Author

"David is a deft and intuitive presenter. The attendees appreciated his ability to translate difficult technical material into actionable and compelling ideas for the public. David is a professional and personable individual who brings vigorous commitment to the enterprise. He has maintained a strong, continuous presence for his company. I highly recommend him as a presenter, sales professional, and technical professional."

Rick Harmon.jpg
Rick Harmon
SAP FICO ANALYST II at MSA, The Safety Company

"David is a deft and intuitive presenter. The attendees appreciated his ability to translate difficult technical material into actionable and compelling ideas for the public. David is a professional and personable individual who brings vigorous commitment to the enterprise. He has maintained a strong, continuous presence for his company. I highly recommend him as a presenter, sales professional, and technical professional."

Dawn Coder.jpg
Dawn Coder
Director of Advising and Learner Success, The PA State University

"I have known David for a few years. He has a personable demeanor and is very responsive when asked a question. He provides valuable input when asked, and will be flexible to assist others as needed. I enjoy speaking with David and have found him to be knowledgeable in many subject areas."

Greg Yova.jpg
Greg Yova
President and Founder at Solutions XYZ, LLC.

"David excelled at forming relationships in the Baja region. He enjoyed digging into issues and coming up with ideas to advance the business. His technical savvy was also a big help because in today's marketplace digital presence and marketing are an absolute necessity."

Chase Kelly.jpg
Chase Kelly
Penn State Blue & White Club President & Technical Trainer at Lockheed Martin

"Instrumental member of Information Sciences and Technology project. David's commitment to team success was vital for the finished product. His knowledge and guidance with video and audio enhancements and collaboration for the project pieces ensured a high grade for his team. David also provided key research for the topic and was team leader for project presentation and delivery."

rafael solorzano.jpg
Rafael Solorzano
President, Institutional Relations at Baja California Aerospace Cluster

"David is a sharp, analytical, experienced and successful binational consultant who goes well beyond the expected. He is bilingual and bicultural and versed in a number of economic fields across the US and Mexico Border.

Rosy Torres.jpg
Rosy Torres
President, Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito

"I would like to thank you for being a fabulous sponsor and promoter of the Rosarito Boys and Girls Club! Thanks to you, our friends at Baja Bound have become active contributors; the people at have donated food for our 100 kids; and for the microwave you gave us! We use it daily at the Club. You are a dedicated hard worker for our cause and it has been a pleasure to work with you over the past couple of years. 

I am looking forward to your continued help and promotion and highly recommend your services to others!"

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