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Helping Small Businesses with the Promise of Technology

David is a tech forward thinking individual with deep understandings of business growth strategies for small to medium business.

Business Growth

David has a 2 decade long resume of helping small to midsize businesses grow through via the promise of technology currently with SAP Business One. 


People love working with David. Customers from the Mexican Government to C-Suite level executives to mom & pop businesses love how David has helped them find creative solutions to their challenges.


United States - Peru - Mexico - Small Business - ERP Solutions - Biz Dev

David is a business professional dedicated to help businesses grow. It all started when he was 18 and moved to Tijuana, Mexico on his own to experience life. Living a cross border life was tough and eventually David decided to work with American companies looking to expand into Central & South America. This led to David working with the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, Mexico for two years as the Bi-National Adviser to the Secretary. Following that, David moved to Los Angeles for an opportunity with SEIDOR, where he helped many companies grow their business via the promise of technology with SAP Business One. David now finds himself as the host of the podcast "Shark Bite Biz" and the Vice President of Business Development for SEIDOR, carrying out his mission on a larger scale.


 Tel: +1.619.779.2842

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